Unlocking the potential of physical education with ninja nation

Looking to meet your school’s Physical Education goals? Ninja Nation is here to assist you in delivering a comprehensive and engaging learning experience for your students.

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    programs and excursions

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    Ninja Nation offers flexibility to suit your needs. Our structured classes focus on specific skill development and competition readiness, while unstructured classes emphasise exploration, confidence-building, and fun. Additionally, we provide team-building activities, general fitness sessions, and Q&A sessions to enhance the overall experience.

    • Unstructured Fun
    • Team Building
    • Exclusive Use
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    • Lock-in a Spot Each Term
    • Complies with Acara
    • Exclusive Use
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    Strength Based Approach

    • Ninja obstacles challenge each body differently.
    • Participants find achievable and challenging obstacles based on their strengths.
    • Builds confidence and fosters a growth mindset.
    • Encourages problem-solving and patience.

    Value Movement

    Visit to Ninja Nation can lead to critical inquiry units back at school such as.

    • Explore different cultures' engagement with Ninja as a sport and entertainment.
    • Discuss inclusiveness, power, assumptions, and diversity.
    • Utilise Ninja Warrior competitions and YouTube resources for cultural exploration.

    Critical Inquiry Approach

    A visit to Ninja Nation goes beyond physical activity; it sparks critical inquiry and cultural exploration.

    • Incorporates televised Ninja Warrior competitions from different cultures into the curriculum.
    • Examines issues of inclusiveness, power dynamics, assumptions, and diversity.
    • Fosters a deeper understanding of social justice and cultural contexts through an interdisciplinary approach integrating media studies and social sciences.

    Social & Personal Wellbeing

    Ninja Nation provides a platform for students to develop personal and social skills, fostering teamwork, perseverance, and supportive peer interactions. As students tackle each obstacle, they build resilience, endurance, and a sense of achievement. Additionally, the collaborative atmosphere encourages onlookers to cheer for their peers, cultivating social cohesion and a positive, inclusive environment.

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    Expertise & Safety

    Guided by Head Coach Luke Ha, an ex-National Gymnast and international performer, our team offers vast expertise in training. Luke’s background with Australian Ninja Warrior and his commitment to safety, combined with his licensed rigger credentials, ensures your school students are in capable and trustworthy hands.

    Our trainers are qualified, hold current Working with Children Checks (WWCC), and possess First Aid certifications to ensure a safe and secure environment.

    Creating a healthy school environment

    We believe that the benefits of Ninja training can extend beyond our facility. Ninja Nation coaches can collaborate with your school to design obstacle courses using your playground and equipment, promoting the integration of physical education principles within the school’s ethos.

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    ninja background ninja background at a Ninja Warrior gym in Melbourne, Australia.
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    approval process

    To ensure a seamless excursion planning process, we provide all the necessary documentation, including a comprehensive Risk Assessment, Emergency Management plan and Public Liability Insurance Certificate,. Additionally, we can provide our program to the school council highlighting the educational benefits of a Ninja Nation excursion, as well as parent/guardian consent forms.

    We can provide the following documents to assist you in gaining approval for this excursion.

    • Risk assessment including emergency
    • Emergency management plan
    • Public liability insurance certificate
    • Qualifications (including WWCC and First Aid) for our instructors.
    • Letter to the school council about the Educational benefits of an excursion to Ninja Nation
    • Parent/Guarding consent forms

    You are welcome to come for an inspection of Ninja Nation to gain first-hand experience and to speak to our staff.

    Book Your School Excursion

    Ready to embark on an exciting and educational journey at Ninja Nation? Contact us at hello@ninjanation.com.au or call 03 8201 9338 to discuss your specific goals and requirements. We also invite you to visit our facility, meet our dedicated staff, and experience the Ninja Nation difference firsthand.

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