our-facility-from-mega-wall our facility from mega wall at a Ninja Warrior gym in Melbourne, Australia.

Ninja Nation is MORE than a traditional gym. MORE than a play center. MORE than a martial arts dojo.

We are all of these and more, rolled into one.

With certified PT’s and Allied Health Professionals ready to help you move forward in your fitness with our fully equipped weight training gym, we also provide functional fitness in boxing and obstacle sports. Ninja Nation is where fun, family and fitness meet! Kids and adults alike will enjoy and be challenged in our wide range of obstacles.

Ninja Nation Obstacles: What Makes us Different! swings ropes cliffhangars at a Ninja Warrior gym in Melbourne, Australia.

Our Vision

Both business owners are family men, have kids of their own and are athletes. They wanted to bring their passions together. So, they created a place where adults of any fitness level can train alongside with kids of any fitness level. Instead of parents dropping off and sitting in the car or on their phones, they can do a class or work out while kids are also doing a class for their ability level in the same venue! They can even play together on the obstacles at Casual Family Play sessions. The Ninja Nation environment is a safe, fun and challenging place where everybody has the potential to learn something in a wide variety of classes. Nowhere else brings the fun, family and fitness together like Ninja Nation. We have classes in Ninja Obstacle sports, Martial Arts, Boxing and Kick Boxing, Pilates, Group Fitness and even Stunt classes. The cafe also caters for team building events, sporting groups, scouts, school excursions, PE classes and birthday parties.

Ninja Nation Obstacles: What Makes us Different! our facility at a Ninja Warrior gym in Melbourne, Australia.

How we differ to other Ninja gyms?

At Ninja Nation we balance safety and challenge for all ages. Attention and planning of safety have gone in from the very beginning and the building has been purposely designed and built with Ninja Obstacles and family fitness in mind. Crash mats and padding cover virtually every hard surface without it feeling like a play center. Kids can engage in the obstacles as well as professional adults. Parents can rest assured that we have the safety of their family at the forefront.

A team of experienced Ninjas

Business Co-owner Luke Ha is Australia’s longest standing Core Obstacle Course Tester on the smashingly popular TV show ‘Australian Ninja Warrior’ (ANW). He is a qualified rigger and professional athlete and acrobat. He has helped to rig (set up/construct), test and demonstrate ANW’s obstacle courses for contestants and audiences in Australia and France. While there is an increasing number of contestants and course testers that test for a few days, Luke is the only Australian that works as a full-time rigger and course tester during the production of ANW for Seasons 3 – 6 and Season 3 of Ninja.

Ninja Nation Obstacles: What Makes us Different! steps sonic steps at a Ninja Warrior gym in Melbourne, Australia.

Warrior France. Because he works so intimately with the production, he can bring exclusive knowledge and experience on all the show obstacles into Ninja Nation. You will get the most authentic Ninja Warrior feel on some of the obstacles at Ninja Nation because their design and construction are based on firsthand experience from the show itself. There is even obstacles and equipment at Ninja Nation that is from previous seasons of the actual show. It’s the closest thing to being on the show! (Apart from getting splashed!) Some of our coaches as well as co-owner Ziad have been contestants on the show and can share their knowledge and experience with you and your children. You may even see other big name Australian Ninja Warrior contestants train and compete at Ninja Nation.

Ninja Nation Obstacles: What Makes us Different! warped walls at a Ninja Warrior gym in Melbourne, Australia.

Safety comes first

Luke is also a father of three young children and has come from a gymnastics, professional circus and stunt performance background on films and TV shows such as Hacksaw Ridge, Ghost in the Shell, Danger Close, The Meg, Shang Chi: The Legend of the Ten Rings, Preacher, Jack Irish, Romper Stomper and Tomorrow When the War Began. His additional experience in these areas brings Luke’s focus on safety as number 1 to Ninja Nation. We have crash mats, covered floor, and safety padding customized in all areas to minimize risks. So, at Ninja Nation, whether you are 2 or 72 years old, you can still find something fun and safe to play on, be challenged and learn. Even so, some risks are inherent in sports and cannot be avoided which is also part of what makes Ninja Warrior and combat sports challenging and exciting.

Come on a journey with us at Ninja Nation!

Written by Luke Ha – Ninja Nation Co-owner, ATS Ninja Warrior Course rigger and core tester.