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Australia's most comprehensive obstacle training facility for Ninja. Incorporating obstacle acrobatics, stunt training and the best equipment with qualified trainers to deliver a world-class program.

Party hard

Ninja Nation is the ideal venue to host your families next party. Be it birthdays or any other occasion for celebration. Not just for kids, we host events for the young at heart as well!

Your option is to book the entire Ninja obstacle area exclusively for your group! Your party won’t be bombarded with other parties or groups running around. Have self-catered or a fully catered Ninja party.

Convenient Central Location
Modern & Save Venue
All Inclusive Packages
Hassle Free Event

Friday Night Comps!

A course is set on the night and the furthest and fastest gain points WHICH ACCUMULATE towards determining who will be crowned the Ninja of the month! A friendly competition to hone the skills and get accustomed to the competition nerves.

Every Friday 6pm!

All ages and levels are welcome! You don't have to be a member.

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6 Rower Workouts to Improve Your Conditioning

The rowing machine, also known as the “ergo” or Rower, is one of the most efficient fitness machines for burning fat and improving conditioning. The rower is one of the few machines that provides both cardio and strength training benefits, and will work both your upper and lower body muscles.

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What is Ninja training?

Ninjitsu is the art of unconventional warfare, guerilla warfare, and espionage purported to be practiced by the ninjas of feudal Japan. The largest clans came from Iga and Koga. A ninja was supposed to be a secretive, stealthy agent who fought only when necessary.

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Ninja Nation Obstacles: What Makes us Different!

Ninja Nation is MORE than a traditional gym. MORE than a play center. MORE than a martial arts dojo. We are all of these and more, rolled into one. With certified PT’s and Allied Health Professionals ready to help you move forward in your fitness with our fully equipped weight training gym, we also provide functional fitness in boxing and obstacle sports.

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