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Get Your
Ninja On

Australia’s most comprehensive obstacle training facility for Ninja. Incorporating obstacle acrobatics, stunt training and the best equipment with qualified trainers to deliver a world-class program.

We provide a safe and structured pathway for aspiring ninjas that takes students through foundational movements to advanced obstacles, minimizing the risk of injury and ensuring success.

About Ninja Australia
part-2 part 2 at a Ninja Warrior gym in Melbourne, Australia.
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Party Like
A Ninja

Your option is to book the entire Ninja obstacle area exclusively for your group! Your party won’t be bombarded with other parties or groups running around. Have self-catered or a fully catered Ninja party.

Ninja Nation is the ideal venue to host your families next party. Be it birthdays or any other occasion for celebration. Not just for kids, we host events for the young at heart as well!

Central location

Modern Venue

Inclusive Package

Hassle-Free Event

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Exclusive Ninja
Nation Program

The ultimate Ninja training program to help those who have never tried Ninja before, to those who are seasoned experts become the best Ninja they can be.

Our unique approach combines gymnastics, acrobatics, safety and fitness, resulting in a comprehensive training plan to incrementally improve students across various disciplines to become the next generation of Ninja warriors!

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Join the Ninja Nation

Push yourself to the ultimate limits and see what you are capable of.

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