Welcome to the Ninja Nation School Holiday Program! Give your child an exciting and active experience during the holidays while helping them maintain a healthy routine away from screens. Our 4-hour program is designed for kids aged 5 to 15 years and offers a range of activities that promote physical fitness, skill development, and fun!

Program will change from time to time but will features:

  • Warm-up, ninja skills, team building and instruction
  • Ninja Warrior TV Show screening during lunch
  • Ninja course and games
  • Free playtime
  • Flexibility exercises and cool down
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Our Holiday program highlights

Australian Ninja Games Youth Qualifier All-154 Australian Ninja Games Youth Qualifier All 154 uai at a Ninja Warrior gym in Melbourne, Australia.

Obstacle Courses

Let your child’s inner ninja shine as they tackle our exhilarating obstacle courses. They’ll have free time to explore and test their skills on the courses while enjoying a playful and dynamic environment.

Australian Ninja Games Youth Qualifier All-163Maisy Australian Ninja Games Youth Qualifier All 163Maisy uai at a Ninja Warrior gym in Melbourne, Australia.

Engaging Activities

Led by our fantastic instructors, your child will have a blast while learning essential ninja skills such as balance, coordination, problem-solving, and strength building.

20220919_004823629_iOS 20220919 004823629 iOS uai at a Ninja Warrior gym in Melbourne, Australia.

Healthy Breaks

Morning tea and lunch are included in the program to ensure your child receives nutritious meals during their time with us. If your child has specific dietary needs or preferences, you are welcome to provide a packed lunch. Please inform us of any allergies beforehand.

Benefits of obstacle training holiday programs

Participating in our Ninja Nation School Holiday Program offers numerous benefits for your child’s physical and mental well-being. Here are just a few:

Improved Bone Health

Ninja classes involve weight-bearing exercises that contribute to stronger and denser bones. Scientific evidence suggests that physical activity during childhood is linked to better bone health in adulthood.

Agility Development

Agility is crucial not only in sports but also in preventing injuries. By practicing side-to-side motions and strengthening their joints, students reduce the risk of sprained ankles and other common injuries.

Safe Falling Techniques

Falling is an integral part of ninja obstacles, and our instructors teach students how to fall safely from ropes, bars, and other obstacles. Learning this skill builds confidence and resilience.

Our program schedule

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Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity for your child to join the Ninja Nation School Holiday Program. Our dedicated instructors, engaging activities, and focus on fun and skill development make it an unforgettable experience. Enrol your child now and let them unleash their inner ninja!

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ninja background 2 ninja background 2 at a Ninja Warrior gym in Melbourne, Australia.

Frequently asked questions

The Ninja Nation School Holiday Program is designed for children between the ages of 5 and 15. Our activities are tailored to suit the skill level and interests of beginners in the ninja obstacle training.

We recommend comfortable athletic clothing and closed-toe sports shoes for your child to wear during the program. They should also bring a water bottle, sunscreen, and any necessary medications. We provide all the necessary equipment for the obstacle training.

Absolutely! Safety is our top priority. Our instructors are highly trained and experienced in supervising children during obstacle training activities. We maintain a safe and controlled environment, and all obstacles are designed with safety in mind. Additionally, our instructors teach participants how to fall safely and provide continuous guidance throughout the program.

Yes, definitely! The Ninja Nation School Holiday Program is perfect for beginners. Our skilled instructors will guide your child through the essential skills, helping them develop balance, coordination, problem-solving abilities, and strength. The program is designed to accommodate all skill levels and provide a fun and engaging experience for every participant.

Yes, we take dietary restrictions and allergies seriously. When registering your child for the program, please inform us of any specific dietary needs or allergies they may have. We provide nutritious morning tea and lunch, and our staff will ensure that your child’s dietary requirements are taken care of. If you prefer, you can also pack a lunch for your child.