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Try out Ninja Nation Action 4 classes in Ferntree Gully on Burwood Highway.

Our Specialty Ninja Skills Class goes beyond basic training to provide a holistic approach to ninja development. With a focus on key performance areas, each session is meticulously designed to foster growth, improve performance, and build confidence in young ninjas. Participants will benefit from a supportive environment where they can push their limits, learn from experienced instructors, and engage in a variety of exercises tailored to their skill levels.

What this class will teach you

  • Children and teens aged 6 to 15
  • All skill levels, from beginners to advanced ninjas
  • Those looking to improve obstacle speed and accuracy
  • Individuals wanting to build strength and endurance
  • Participants aiming to refine their balance skills
  • Those seeking to enhance coordination and agility
  • Kids interested in teamwork and friendly competition
  • Aspiring professional ninjas looking for foundational training


  • Elevate your ninja skills and techniques
  • Build robust physical strength for demanding obstacles
  • Achieve unparalleled balance and stability
  • Perfect your timing for swift and accurate movements
  • Enhance coordination for seamless navigation
  • Foster teamwork and sportsmanship
  • Lay the foundation for professional ninja pursuits
  • Boost self-confidence and self-esteem

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ninja background 2 ninja background 2 at a Ninja Warrior gym in Melbourne, Australia.