Australian Ninja Games Youth Qualifier All-222 Australian Ninja Games Youth Qualifier All 222 at a Ninja Warrior gym in Melbourne, Australia.

What is an Australia Ninja Games (ANG) Qualifier? Australia Ninja Games (ANG) is the Australian Ninja League which holds State qualifiers around the country which enables you to qualify and compete at Nationals. The top performers at Nationals will then qualify to compete at Worlds which is run under the Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association (UNAA), the Global League of World OCR.

Spectators tickets available on the website for all non-competitors.


Top 3 or top 50% Male & Female ninjas in each category qualify to compete at Nationals. (Whichever number is greater).
Easier obstacles = 1 point
Harder obstacles = 2 points (there will be a half way mark equalling 1 point, clearly marked for 2 point obstacles)
3 failed obstacles = run over. You can complete your run but your time will be stopped. Making the half way mark on a 2 point obstacle is not considered a fail.
No retries


7 & Under Male
7 & Under Female
9 & Under Male
9 & Under Female
11 & Under Male
11 & Under Female
13 & Under Male
13 & Under Female
15 & Under Male
15 & Under Female

** Age group is determined by the participants age on January 1st 2022.

Schedule (division start times may vary):

7 and under 9:30am
9 and under 11:00am
11 and under 12:30pm
13 and under 2pm
15 and under 2pm


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